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Esther Koplowitz received a special mention
at the fifth edition of the Dependency and So-
ciety Awards organized by Fundación Caser.
The award ceremony was held on 17 June at
the Official Association of Architects of Ma-
drid. Alicia Alcocer Koplowitz collected the
award on behalf of her mother, Esther Ko-
The award recognises the work carried out
by Esther Koplowitz, the head of the founda-
tion known by her name and which purposes
include the creation and maintenance of reti-
rement homes, mental health assistance for
minors, the sick, and disabled; aid for scien-
tific research, and academic and research
scholarships. Besides the two retirement
homes in Madrid and Barcelona, the Founda-
tion also has a home for the mentally disabled
in Valencia, the Esther Koplowitz Biomedical
Research Centre in Barcelona, purchased the
“Da Vinci” computer assisted (robotic) surgi-
cal system for Hospital Clínico Universitario
San Carlos de Madrid, and built and funds a
day care centre and home for people suffe-
ring from cerebral palsy for Fundación Nido
and Asociación El Despertar.
These awards represent one of the initiatives
of the foundation created by Caser to foster,
promote, develop and encourage any depen-
dency-related activity.
Esther Koplowitz,
honoured by
Fundación Caser
Alicia Alcocer
collects the award
to her mother
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