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Decalogue of the Charter
of Diversity of Spain
Build awareness: the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity
should be included in the company’s values and disseminated among its em-
Make progress in building a diverse workforce: the company should encoura-
ge the integration of people with different profiles (regardless of their gender,
sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic group, religion, believes, age, disabi-
lities, etc.).
Promote inclusion: integration must be effective, avoiding any type of discrimi-
nation (direct or indirect) at the workplace.
Consider diversity in all people-management policies: managing diversity
should be just another practice of the Human Resources department, but
rather a transversal factor as the basis for all decisions made in this area.
Promote life-work balance by balancing the work, family and leisure time: or-
ganizations should set up the mechanisms to enable all employees to balance
out their work and family and personal lives.
Recognise the diversity of clients: organisations should know the profile of their
clients and recognise that their diversity is also a source of innovation and de-
Spread and communicate this commitment to workers: the commitment that
the organisation undertakes by signing the Charter of Diversity should be sha-
red transversally throughout the entire company.
Spread and communicate the commitment to suppliers: inviting them to join
the community of companies in Spain that have voluntarily signed the com-
mitment promoted by the Charter.
Spread and communicate this commitment to administrations, business asso-
ciations, trade unions, and other social agents.
Reflect the activities supporting non-discrimination and the results following the
implementation of the diversity policies in the company’s annual report.
diversity as part of the company’s va-
Build a diverse workforce.
Effectively promote the integration of
non-discrimination at work.
Implement diversity management in all
management policies.
FCC, by joining this initiative, is suppor-
ting diversity management as a corpora-
te, social, and legal imperative, promoting
people’s quality of life and work.
The signing of this commitment bolster’s
the company’s management as per the
FCC Equality and Diversity Policy; the
Equality Plans, the Code of Ethics, the
company’s Protocol against Work and Se-
xual Harassment; and the FCC 2011-2014
Corporate Responsibility “Exemplary Per-
formance” Master Plan.
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