Communication Network- Nº24 - page 6

is broken down into four main sections:
Through FCC, you can access:
Information channels (News):
Juan Béjar’s blog, information from
the Steering Committee, News;
FCC press releases, Stock Market
Reports, Friday’s News, Communi-
cations Network, Campaigns…
Corporate content (could be of
interest for you…):
Policies, regu-
lations; Catalogue of ONE Services,
How to make a request in ONE;
Multimedia Gallery, Online Training;
Technological Tips, Code of Ethics,
Social Work, Organizational Chart,
In-house Mobility, Offers for Emplo-
yees, Personal Ads Board, Illness/
Life Insurance…
Across the board Services (What
you can do, if you want…):
the possibility of
teamwork through its
For your work: book a meeting
room, send a letter/package, orga-
nize a trip, rent a car, request mate-
rial/office supplies, request powers
of attorney, change your password,
request telecommunications servi-
ces, request a computer, report an
incidence to the ServiceDesk, check
the directory of companies and cen-
tres, report improper conduct, onli-
ne training, send a suggestion… …
Personnel services: Check your
payroll, request advance payments
and loan, change your job status,
change the % of your tax withhol-
ding, settle expenses (Km km, per
diems, and other expenses), request
certificates, check the status of your
requests, check previous docu-
ments, request vacations, check
your vacations, update your contact
data, update your bank data, flexible
remuneration, access all Incorpora
services, submit a query to Human
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