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dinary measures. We have undertaken a
complete restructuring of our business
units and applied strict financial discipline”
she said in her analysis of the steps taken in
the previous fiscal year.
She also mentioned her mother, FCC’s
main shareholder Esther Koplowitz, and
praised her dedication and commitment,
also stressing “the confidence deriving
from the recent inclusion in our shareholder
structure of leading, prestigious investors,
both Spanish and international, to whom
we wish to extend our most sincere grati-
tude for their trust in FCC as well as our
warmest welcome”.
Improvement in profitability and cash
Juan Béjar, Vice-Chairman and CEOof FCC,
the Citizen Services Group, highlighted the
internationalisation drive at the Environment
and Water business units. After discussing
the main items in last year’s income state-
ment and adjustment processes that com-
menced with the Strategic Plan, Mr. Béjar
underscored the underlined the overriding
objectives of improving the profitability of all
operations and of generating cash flow.
FCC Chairman Esther Alcocer Koplowitz
highlighted “the determination and
courage required due to the
circumstances in adopting
the extraordinary measures”
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