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As part of his agenda of meetings with ma-
nagement teams at the various FCC busi-
ness units, Juan Béjar, vice-chairman and
CEO of FCC, visited the Barcelona, Canary
Islands, and Madrid branch offices of FCC
Barcelona branch office
In Barcelona Juan Béjar visited the waste
collection and cleaning park, home of the
Barcelona branch offices and the site whe-
re the fleet of machinery is kept. He also
visited the technical-IT department which
manages the route map for all the contracts
in Barcelona.
Juan Béjar was accompanied in his tour of
the facilities by Jordi Payet, managing di-
rector of FCC Medio Ambiente; Pau Mar-
Juan Béjar visits
FCC Medio Ambiente’s branch offices
n Barcelona, the Canary Islands and Madrid
tín, manager of Zone I; and Xavier Martín,
manager of the Barcelona (capital city) and
Balearic Islands Branch Office.
Jordi Payet, Pau Martín and Xavier Martín
provided details to the vice-chairman and
CEO of FCC of the main contracts mana-
ged by the branch office and the strategies
to keep and to expand the current mar-
ket share in the autonomous communities
which are part of the territory managed by
the branch office.
The current fleet in Barcelona includes a to-
tal of 439 vehicles, 263 of which are powe-
red by compressed natural gas and 105 are
electric-hybrid vehicles which significantly
reduce contaminant particles and noise po-
llution; 15hybrid 6m
waste collection com-
pactor and back-loading vehicles ; a side-
loading 21 m
hybrid waste collection and
compactor vehicle; and 89 ancillary electric
vehicles for street cleaning.
FCC has also installed 12 power supply
points for hybrid vehicles; 135 points for char-
ging electric vehicles; and 48 points for ve-
hicles powered by compressed natural gas.
FCC Medio Ambiente
branch office in the Canary
Juan Béjar had the opportunity of visiting
the installations run by the Central Canary
Islands Branch Office, mainly the machinery
park with the fleet of vehicles used to provide
services to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
City Council which include a total of 165 ve-
hicles that keep the city clean and tidy.
He was accompanied during his tour of the
facilities by Agustín García Gila and Jordi
Payet, chairman and managing director of
FCC Medio Ambiente, respectively; Faus-
FCC Medioambiente Barcelona Branch Office.
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