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Esther Alcocer Koplowitz, Chairman of FCC,
and Agustín Iglesias Caunedo, Mayor of
Oviedo, have inaugurated the Cabornio drin-
king water plant. FCC Aqualia will manage
the new plant, which will serve Oviedo and
the municipality of Ribera de Arriba, as part
of the existing end-to-end water contract.
Other attendees at the inauguration cere-
mony included Félix Parra, General Mana-
ger of FCC Aqualia; Santiago Lafuente, Ma-
nager of Zone I (where the plant is located);
and other FCC managers in Asturias.
The new plant is built 386 metres above
sea level, i.e. higher than the tallest building
in Oviedo; as a result, water will be supplied
by gravity feed, with the result that no pum-
ping will be required. These geographic and
technical characteristics reduce the cost of
the project. “This facility will provide Oviedo
with one of the best quality waters in Spain.
Moreover, the plant, which cost 20 million
euro, will create 18 jobs,” said Mr Iglesias
Caunedo during the ceremony.
He also noted that the plant will be able to
treat “twice Oviedo’s current water needs”
and is designed to “address the challenges
of the next 50 years”.
Gregorio Abril, the Municipal Engineer,
highlighted the plant’s characteristics, no-
ting its “production capacity of 1,500 litres
per second, much more than Oviedo’s cu-
rrent water consumption, which is 900 li-
tres per second”. Sonia López, head of the
plant, described the facility in greater detail
during a guided tour after the inauguration
Sonia López, the plant’s manager was in
charge of providing all the details on the fa-
ciliteis during the guided visit at the end of
the event.
Esther Alcocer
FCC Aqualia’s
new drinking
The new plant’s
production capacity
is 1,500 litres
per second
water plant in Oviedo
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