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A few months ago, the Corporate Organi-
zation Department approved a new Inter-
nal Mobility Policy for managing personnel
recruitment and selection at all FCC areas
and business units through an in-house
search for valid candidates and to manage
talent and career development.
The aim of this policy is to concentrate se-
lection efforts for capturing and retaining
within the organization in-house talent, ta-
king advantage of employees’ potential and
of their cross-training. In short, the goal is
to provide development opportunities, en-
courage integration and teamwork, promo-
ting equality, and bolstering communication
among the different FCC Group areas and
business units.
In this page, we list the vacancies available
in other countries. All of these jobs are pu-
blished at the In-House Mobility Portal and
in FCC in the World:
If you need further information on FCC’s
activities worldwide, go to
- where you will find informa-
tion on the main projects and international
mobility opportunities. It is designed as a
space for providing information to all of the
Company’s employees.
If you should be interested in any of these
jobs or know someone who could be, do
not hesitate to contact the Construction
Division’s human resources department.
At FCC we want
to promote the mobility of
our professionals
and believe that
internationalisation offers
a great opportunity for
participating in new
projects; some strategic,
others destined to become
major milestones in the
Career opportunities at
In-house mobility policy
Mobility portal
FCC in the world
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