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Esther Koplowitz
and Esther Alcocer
attended the reception
at the Royal Palace
for the coronation of
King Philip Vl
Esther Koplowitz, FCC’s majority share-
holder and its first vice-chairman, and her
daughter Esther Alcocer Koplowitz, chair-
man of FCC, attended the reception at the
Royal Palace on 17 June for the coronation
of Philip VI as King of Spain.
The hand-kissing ceremony, with approxi-
mately 3000 guests, lasted two hours. The
guest list included representatives from
political parties and official institutions, di-
plomats, members of the nobility, busi-
nessmen, trade union representatives, and
personalities from the world of culture, arts,
science, sports, and socialites.
The reception at the Royal Palace marked
the conclusion of the celebration and events
organized for the coronation of Philip VI.
After swearing allegiance to the Constitu-
tion at the congressional building, Philip VI
with his wife, Queen Leticia, greeted from
the balcony of the Royal Palace the thou-
sands of people who waited at the huge
Plaza de Oriente square.
They were accompanied by King Juan
Carlos and Queen Sofia and their
daughters Leonor, Princess of Asturias,
and Princess Sophia.
Esther Koplowitz,
Gold Medal for Merit at Work
The Council of Ministers granted Esther Koplowitz the Gold Medal for
Merit at Work for her efforts at the helm of the FCC Group, “a reference
thanks to her policies on equality and integration of those at risk of being
socially excluded in the labour market”.
The Executive branch of government highlighted the merit of a “socially
useful and exemplary conduct in the performance of the duties imposed
by any job, profession or service”.
A total of 15 Gold Medals for Merit at Work have been awarded to va-
rious individuals, included Father Ángel, the Director of the NGO Men-
sajeros de la Paz; the scientist Vicente Calatayud Maldonado, Professor
Luis Navarro García, and the tennis player Rafael Nada. Also honoured
with this award posthumously were the flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia
and Mercedes Salisachs.
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