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Juan Béjar
provides details
on the Lima metro project
to the deputy-premier
of the Government
Juan Béjar, Vice-Chairman and CEO of FCC,
discussed the Lima Metro construction pro-
ject, awarded to the consortium led by ACS
and FCC in March, with Soraya Sáenz de
Santamaría, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, at
an event in Lima yesterday. The presentation
was among the activities scheduled as part of
Sáenz de Santamaría’s visit to Peru and Chile.
During his presentation, Mr. Béjar underlined
that private investment has contributed to
GDP growth in Peru, accounting for 22%. A
notable portion of that investment is connec-
ted to infrastructure development, the prime
exponent of which is the expansion of Lima
Metro. Peru is currently one of the fastest-
growing economies in Latin America, with
expectations of sustained growth in excess
of 5% in the coming years.
In terms of experience, Juan Béjar also
highlighted the value contributed by infras-
tructure built in Spain in the last two decades
and its impact on citizens’ living standards
and on the competitiveness of economic
agents, similar to the process currently un-
derway in Peru.
Five-year project
The contract to build line 2 of Lima Metro and
a spur from line 4 to the airport was awar-
ded to the Nuevo Metro de Lima consortium,
which is led by ACS and FCC and also inclu-
des Italian companies Impregilo and Ansaldo
Juan Béjar shared
details of the deadlines
and conditions of the
3.9 billion euro project with
Deputy Premier Soraya
Sáenz de Santamaría
during her visit to Peru
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