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tino Elías, manager of Zone II; and Angel
Castanedo, manager of the Canary Islands
Branch Office.
Ángel Castanedo and Faustino Elias infor-
med the vice-chairman and CEO of FCC on
the main contracts, 13 in total, handled by
the Canary Islands Branch Office. Among
these contracts, the Las Palmas de Gran
Canaria and Telde in Gran Canary Island,
the Puerto del Rosario contract in Fuer-
teventura, and the Tías contract awarded
last year, the latter the municipality with the
largest number of holiday resorts in the is-
land of Lanzarote. They also discussed the
branch office’s future development in the
As to human resources, the current
headcount at the branch office is 1,442
employees, of whom, 676 provide their ser-
vices in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Ca-
naria. Besides the vehicles used for the Las
Palas de Gran Canaria contract, the branch
has another 372 vehicles for handling the
other contracts, a total of 537 vehicles.
After the tour of the facilities, they visited
the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Coun-
cil and met with the city’s mayor, Juan Jose
Cardona González; the deputy mayor, Án-
gel Sabroso Ramírez; and Agustín Gutiérrez
Márquez, the local treasury official..
Installations managed
by FCC Medio Ambiente’s
Madrid Branch Office
EOn 11 July, the vice-chairman and CEO vi-
sited the Resina waste collection site and the
Las Dehesas biomethanisation plant at the
Valdemingómez (Madrid) technological park.
The group which toured the facilities also in-
cluded Agustín García Gila, chairman of the
FCC Services Division; Ana Villacañas Bea-
des, managing director of Organization, Pro-
curement, Human Resources, and IT; Rafael
Montes Sánchez, director of FCC; Raúl Pérez
Vega, manager of FCC Medio Ambiente’s
Branch Office in Madrid, Alfonso García Gar-
cía, manager of Technical Services.
At the Resina park, Raúl Pérez and Alfonso
García informed the vice-chairman and CEO
of FCC on the contracts handled by this park
in the city of Madrid which, jointly with the
other three waste collection parks (Vallecas,
Manoteras and Aguacate) also managed by
FCC, provide all the waste collection services
in the capital city.
The current fleet for waste collection services
in Madrid comprises a total of 468 vehicles of
which, 418 are powered by compressed na-
tural gas; 34 ancillary vehicles run on bioetha-
nol and biodiesel; and 16 hybrid electric ve-
hicles that considerably reduce contaminant
emissions and noise pollution (15 back-load
hybrid waste collection compactor vehi-
cles, and a back-load 27m
and 4-axle was
collection vehicle).
Afterwards, the group visited the Las De-
hesas biomethanisation plant at the Valde-
mingómez technological park where the
vice-chairman and CEO was informed on the
handling and treatment of waste for its subse-
quent recycling.
In operations since 2008, the Las Dehe-
sas biomethanisation plant is the largest of
its kind in Europe and handles more than
173,000 tonnes per year of waste, producing
16.9 million Nm
of biogas each year.
FCC Medioambiente Canary Islands Branch Office.
FCC Medioambiente de Madrid Branch Office.
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