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FCC works
towards the integration in
the workforce of those at
risk of being excluded
and is involved in causes
that concern
the communities where
it operates
It’s a question
of “sensitivity and
The sum
of efforts will pave the way
to success
Ana Villacañas participates in
the summer courses
of Universidad Complutense
de Madrid in El Escorial
“The involvement of civil society in
the eradication of gender violence.
What can I do?”
As part of the program of the summer cour-
ses of Universidad Complutense de Madrid
in El Escorial on 14, 15 and 16 July, a cour-
se was organised on
The involvement of
civil society in the eradication of gen-
der violence, with the question: What
can I do?
Ana Villacañas, managing direc-
tor of the Organisation, Procurement, Hu-
man Resources, and IT of the FCC Group
participated in these courses.
She spoke on the seminar focusing on
“Companies, trade unions, and professio-
nal associations as agents for building a
society free of violence against women”.
Which was supervised by Blanca Hernán-
dez Oliver, the Government’s representative
for Gender Violence. Other participants in-
cluded Rocío López Rodríguez, manager of
Human Resources at PSA Peugeot Citroën
Ibérica, and Almudena Fontecha López,
executive secretary of Equality of the Unión
General de Trabajadores (UGT) trade union.
The managing director of the Organisation,
Procurement, Human Resources, and IT
of the FCC Group explained in her speech
entitled “There is always a new road” the
measures implemented to build awareness
on gender violence by FCC and actions
aimed at the inclusion in the workforce of
the victims of this violence. She also spoke
on the commitment and the importance of
exporting values and measures in the cou-
ntries where the FCC Group operates so
that others may grow in ethical values and
in cultural diversity. This is achieved with the
sum of the efforts made, essential in large
international companies, and which will
pave the road to success.
This course aims to give visibility to the im-
portance of the role of civil society in eradi-
cating gender violence and to highlight the
actions and initiatives to demonstrate the
commitment to this cause.
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