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edition of the best Practices
in Sustainable Mobility Awards
FCC wins
award for its
electric waste
collection truck
FCC has been distinguished at the Best
Practices in Sustainable Mobility Awards,
organised by Renault España, through its
Renault Foundation for Sustainable Mobi-
lity and the Sustainability Excellence Club.
The awards had the support of the Ministry
of Agriculture, Food and Environment via
the Biodiversity Foundation.
Juan Béjar, FCC Vice-chairman and CEO,
received the award from Isabel García Te-
jerina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and
Environment, in the Major Company ca-
tegory and for the project entitled “New
generation plug-in electric-hybrid waste
trucks”, for which the company has mass
produced a hybrid vehicle that performs
waste collection services fully in electric
The electric truck provides energy savings
of 40% compared with conventional was-
te collection vehicles, releases zero emis-
sions to air, and causes minimum noise
pollution, making it possible to use these
waste collection trucks during the night
Exclusive FCC technology
This technology, which is exclusive to
FCC, is very significant as it is the most
advanced technology available for was-
te collection services and is the result of
more than six years of research.
Around 40 hybrid-electric waste collec-
tion vehicles (side and rear-loading) are
currently in operations, with a maximum
carrying capacity of 15 tonnes of waste.
These vehicles are also equipped with wa-
ter spraying mechanisms for use in street
cleaning. The new generation of trucks,
whose prototypes are already completed,
will have a maximum carrying capacity of
37 tonnes of waste.
These awards aim to highlight the most
notable initiatives being executed by large
companies, SMEs and public administra-
tions to promote and develop sustainable
mobility in Spanish cities.
Juan Béjar, FCC Vice-chairman and CEO, received the award from Isabel
García Tejerina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
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