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Esther Koplowitz
receives the Conde de
Latores award for humanitarian work
After a speech by the Chancellor of this so-
ciety, Manuel Luis Ruíz de Bucesta y Álva-
rez, the businesswomen and Chairwomen
of Esther Koplowitz Foundation, collected
the award from the Chairman of the Foun-
dation and Duke of Seville, Francisco de
Borbón y Escasany.
The award was granted in recognition of
Ms Koplowitz’s work for the physically and
mentally disabled, the elderly and for scien-
ce and research, among other causes.
The businesswoman accepted the award
on behalf of all parents who have children
with some form of physical or mental di-
sability. She also fondly recalled the great
Asturian, Gonzalo Anes, Marquis of Castri-
llón and director of the Royal Academy of
History for two decades.
The Esther Koplowitz Foundation
The Esther Koplowitz Foundation was foun-
ded in 1995 to help the groups within so-
ciety who are most in need. It activities are
based on Social Work, such as the creation
Manuel Luis Ruíz de Bucesta y Álvarez, Esther Koplowitz and the chairman of the foundation, Fran-
cisco de Borbón y Escasany, Duke of Seville.
The Vice-chairwomen
of FCC, Esther Koplowitz,
Marchioness of Casa
Peñalver, has received the
Conde de Latores award
for her humanitarian work,
awarded by the Cuerpo de
la Nobleza del Principado
de Asturias (the nobility
society of Asturias). In 2013,
this award was received by
the Spanish Civil Guards.
and management of retirement homes, and
on Research and Development projects.
These projects are carried out through or-
ganisations such as the Esther Koplowitz
Biomedical Research Centre (CIBEK) and
the University of Barcelona and its Univer-
sity Hospital.
The Foundation is strongly committed to
supporting innovation and improvements in
public healthcare. In 2006, it donated the
Da Vinci Robot to the San Carlos Universi-
ty Hospital of Madrid in order to begin the
Esther Koplowitz Robotic Surgery program.
The Esther Koplowitz Foundation also
works closely with other entities, institu-
tions, NGOs and similar organisations to
carry out humanitarian and aid work. It has
received numerous distinctions and awards
in recognition of its work.
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