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t h e p l a c e
Virgilio Alberto Cardona.
The 20 years
that FCC has been operating in Mexico have
involved very intense work, with ups and
downs in the beginning, a slowdown, and
recently, a sharp increase in the number of
projects that we currently executing.
Undoubtedly, what we offer in Mexico’s
construction market in comparison with
other companies are quality controls and
very high levels of compliance, far surpas-
sing the standards of Mexican companies.
Being part of the FCC project has meant a
life full of work, learning, working in very in-
teresting projects in several countries. It has
certainly been a very gratifying personal and
professional experience.
Roberto Tabera Guerrero.
During these
20 years that I have worked at FCC I have
lived many experiences, was able to parti-
cipate in different projects, and also had the
opportunity of working in Panama. All of this
has helped me in professional training.
In Mexico, FCC contributes organization,
expertise, and the specialisation that comes
from working in international projects. The
company, jointly with the community, has
taken care of the population and the envi-
ronment, contributing the highest quality.
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