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Capital of
South Bohemia and
home of the
Budweiser beer
České Budějovice
is a city full of historical
memories, but also
modern and
As part of the ancient salt route connec-
ting Prague and Linz, České Budějovice
became a necessary stop along the way
thanks to which it prospered and became
an important city. It was one of the places
in Europe where the first horse-driven trains
were built.
Despite the frequent wars and fires that
ravaged the city during the Middle Ages,
its historic district is well preserved, with
houses dating back to the Medieval, Re-
naissance, and Baroque periods. The City
Council building and the Sampson Foun-
tain, built in the Baroque period, are both
situated in the city’s medieval Přemysl
Otakar II, one of the Czech Republic’s lar-
gest square named in honour of its founder,
King Přemysl Otakar II.
The oldest monument in České Budějovice
is the monastery in Piaristické Square next
to the ancient Renaissance style salt sto-
rage facility. Another landmark monument
is the 72-metre high Black Tower which is
worth visiting to admire, from the top of the
tower, the beautiful surrounding areas. Also
next to the tower is the Barroque Saint Ni-
cholas Cathedral, very much worth visiting.
Brimming with history yet modern and cos-
mopolitan, the city’s very pleasant atmos-
phere makes it an ideal holiday destination
where one can visit the shops, museums,
sit down and enjoy a beer, the authentic
Czech Budweiser (Budvar) beer, at one of
the many beer halls, and also, for participa-
ting in the ½ marathon.
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