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Once again,
.A.S.A. was a partner
year in the České Budějovice Marathon
As in previous years, .A.S.A. collaborated
in the ½ Marathon organized in České
Budějovice. Held since 2012, the event has
become one of the most exciting races in
the Czech Republic.
The third edition of this famous sports event
started at Přemysla Otakara II Square whe-
re thousands of runners met and had the
opportunity of competing against profes-
sional sportsmen.
One of the most exciting races in the Czech Republic
The famous marathon was awarded this
year the “Silver IAAF Road Race Label”,
placing the city of České Budějovice at the
same level as other cities such as Toron-
to, Osaka, Madrid, Venice, and Honk Kong
that organize races as part of the Interna-
tional Association of Athletics Federations.
.A.S.A. ensures cleanliness
For yet another year, A.S.A. České
Budějovice ensured the complete clea-
ning of the reserved areas, and this year
also brought its new addition of a Merce-
des Axor vehicle to provide refreshments
for visitors and competitors. The shower
from the sprinkling vehicle met with a highly
enthusiastic reception, given the prevai-
ling 30 °C heat, from both the runners and
the organisers. The České Budějovice ½
Marathon is unbeatably one of the largest
events taking place in this beautiful South
Bohemian town.
This professional sports event is also a
social gathering where families and non-
professional runners can enjoy a pleasant
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