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FCC Construcción built the 17.9 km-long
road section III for the second phase of
construction project for the Mazatlán-Duran-
go motorway that connects Mexico’s Pacific
coast with the central-northern part of the
country and with the Gulf of Mexico.
The construction of this motorway is one of
the most important public works in Mexico
of the past few years and one of the largest
and most costly road infrastructure projects
since the motorway crosses the western
Durango-Mazatlán Road
part of Sierra Madre mountain range. The
road stretches over 230 kilometres and in-
cludes the construction of 63 tunnels, 115
structures, and a bridge over the Baluarte
One of the most unique structures is the Si-
naloense Tunnel in the state of Sinaloa and
the most outstanding one in the Durango-
Mazatlán motorway due to its size and com-
plexity. Measuring 2,794 metres in length, it
is the second longest tunnel in the country.
This infrastructure is part of the 23-year con-
cession for the supply and treatment of wa-
ter from the El Realito Dam to the city of San
Luis Potosi. The project was awarded by the
National Water Commission of San Luis Po-
tosi to a consortium of companies in which
Aqualia is one of the partners.
The contract, in which FCC Construcción
participated in a joint venture, contemplated
the construction of the El Realito Aqueduct,
as well as the executive project and the ope-
rational tests.
The El Realito Aqueduct is situated in Mexi-
co, between the states of Guanajuato- whe-
re the El Realito dam is located- and the sta-
te of San Luis Potosí, where 6 supply tanks
were installed to provide drinking water to
the population of more than 850,000 people.
Realito Aqueduct
Torre Bancomer
The 250 metres tall Bancomer Tower is the
second tallest skyscraper in Mexico City and
in the country, after the Reforma Tower
This tower will be the headquarters of BBVA
Bancomer in Mexico, housing the main offi-
ces in the country and in Latin America.
Bancomer Operations Centre
The home of BBVA Bancomer’s Operation
Centre and 4,215 employees, the building
was designed by the prestigious architec-
tural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and is
being built on a 13,442 m
plot of land in the
Nuevo Polanco high-growth district.
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