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The project involves the design and cons-
truction of the El Zapotillo storage dam with
a capacity of 900 million m
of water at the
Verde River in Jalisco for the supply of drin-
king water to Los Altos de Jalisco and the
city of León. Once work has been comple-
ted, it will be the tallest dam in Mexico.
A totally sustainable project, the dam will re-
duce the exploitation of superficial river wa-
ters with water from the deep aquifer. Situa-
ted on the Agua Verde canyon, it has been
declared a National Water Reserve and as
such, a very strict environmental protection
plan has been implemented.
Employing approximately 771 workers and
80% completed, it is expected to be com-
pleted by January 2015 and will benefit 2.3
million inhabitant from León, Guadalajara
and 13 cities and towns in the Altos de Ja-
lisco region.
FCC is building the tunnel under the Coat-
zacoalcos River in the State of Veracruz, the
first underground tunnel in Latin America of
these characteristics and the only one of its
kind in the American continent.
The technology consists of the manufactu-
ring of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete
elements which are subsequently submer-
ged and connected.
The tunnel will connect midtown district of
the city of Coatzacoalcos (the leading indus-
trial harbour in Mexico) with the Allende dis-
trict, both situated on the two banks of the
mouth of the river.
currently being
built by
The Zapotillo Dam
Coatzacoalcos tunnel
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