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Mexico is situated in the southern part of
North America. The United States of Ame-
rica is on the northern border; Belize and
Guatemala are on the south-east border;
the Pacific Ocean on the wet; and the Gulf
of Mexico and the Caribbean on the east.
It is the tenth largest country in the world
with nearly 2 million km2, and the eleventh in
terms of population which in mid-2013 tota-
lled 118 million people.
Sergio Lopes,
head of the Nuevo Necaxa
project. I’ve been in Mexico for more than 6
years, always working in the same project.
Before coming to Mexico, I worked in Portu-
gal. My professional and personal experien-
ce has increased since I’ve been here.
Juan Antonio Hernández,
manager. My experience in Mexico is grati-
fying. There are many cultural similarities with
Enrique Díaz,
Construction manager in
Mexico. My experience in Mexico is limited
to two years. I came here for a short project
but, at the end, I brought my family with me
and it is proving to be a good experience sin-
ce living in Mexico is very pleasant. There are
problems, but it is easy to adapt.
Daniel Carmona,
department manager at
the FCC Mexico branch office. Mexico is
a country of many contrasts and I am very
happy to live here. It has everything, from
very rich people to those who are poor. We
are very similar socially; the language is the
same; the culture has Spanish roots, and
the Mexican people do their best to welco-
me you.
Eugenio del Barrio,
manager of the Ame-
rica Centre Zone branch office. Mexico is an
exciting country, offering culture, geographi-
cal diversity, and travel opportunities. It is
also difficult due to safety problems but, with
common sense and knowing where you are,
it is a perfectly liveable country. I encourage
everyone to come. It offers many professio-
nal and personal opportunities.
Antonio López Castro,
Administrative and
Financial Manager of FCC Construcción Mé-
xico. Working in Mexico is similar to working
in Spain because of the work schedules and
customs. The training of Mexicans is very
good. The working day is long because of
the meetings which last a long time. It is
very important to know the authorities since
everything depends a lot on having contacts
and trust. It is also important to know and
to work close with the client since relations
are very interpersonal, and, in addition, you
must offer a quality service.
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