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Panama’s situation as FCC’s business hub
for Latin America has been further streng-
thened by a contract awarded by the Pa-
namanian government for the design, site
development, construction, fnancing and
outftting of the Ciudad Hospitalaria de Pa-
namá; the contract is worth 587 million do-
llars (close to 440 million euro).
Panama’s Social Security Administration,
which organised the tender, chose FCC
from among nine international consortia
involving companies from four countries:
Panama, Brazil, Spain and Korea. The Hos-
pital Complex will be built on a 31.9 hectare
site in the western zone of the capital city of
this Central American country.
The 209,000 square metre complex will in-
clude 49 operating rooms and 1,709 beds.
The complex will house such medical spe-
cialities as paediatrics, cardiology, internal
medicine, ob-gyn, operating rooms, outpa-
tient services, a day hospital, several spe-
cialised physical therapy centres, and an
in-patient facility, among others. According
to the Social Security Administration, this
will be the most modern healthcare facili-
wins contract to build
hospital complex
in Panama
The project
an investment
of 440 million