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The Spanish Federation of Radio and Tele-
vision Associations announced the winners
of the “Antenas de Oro”. Created in 1962,
the Federation gives these awards each
year to those professionals who stand out
in the feld of audiovisual and radio commu-
nication. In this edition, an Extraordinary An-
tena de Oro was awarded to Jose Manuel
Velasco, head of FCC’s Communication
and Corporate Responsibility and chairman
of the Association of Communication Exe-
cutives (Spanish acronym DIRCOM). The
prize was awarded for his professional ca-
reer in the world of information and for the
corporate relationship with television and
radio stations. The other three Extraordi-
nary Antena de Oro awards were given to
José Manuel Velasco,
wins the Antena de Oro Award
Marta Robles, radio and TV anchorwoman;
María Dolores de Cospedal, president of
the Castile-La Mancha Autonomous Com-
munity; and to the alumni of Radio Juven-
tud de España which represents an exce-
llent reserve of great professionals.
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José Manuel Velasco was selected by the Spanish Association of Periodical Publi-
cation Editors (Spanish acronym AEEPP) as the best professional of the year in the
feld of communication.
Arsenio Escolar, chairman of AEEPP and director of the program 20 minutes chai-
red the event that was held at the Real Casa de Correos, the head offce of the
regional government, with the presence of Ignacio González, vice-president of the
Madrid Autonomous Community.
Receives award as the best professional of
the year in the communications industry
Other award-winners in this twenty-fourth
edition of the Antenas de Oro included Ma-
ría Casado (TVE); Manolo Lama (COPE);
José Antonio Abellán (Punto Radio); Juan
Ramón Lucas (RNE); Carlos Sobera (Ante-
na 3); María Casado (TVE); Marta Reyero
(Cuatro), and Christian Gálvez (Tele 5, Pa-
The Antena de Oro awards, the most fa-
mous in the communication sector in
Spain, reward the work of communication