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Last August, City Council of Gijón delive-
red the award in recognition of FCC’s com-
mitment to Equality in an event held at the
Congress Hall of the Luis Adaro Trade Fair
Grounds in Gijón. The FCC Environment
representatives were Cristina Sarti Tercero,
and Vicente Cid, Production Manager at
the regional offce in Gijón.
The Company Directory of enterprises in the
region committed to equality was unveiled
at this event. The project was executed wi-
thin the framework of the Gender Unit pro-
gram organized by Gijon’s City Council. The
program is pursuant to the Agreement for
Innovation, Economic Development, and
Employment INNOVA 2008-2011 and the
Local Charger for the Equality of Women
and Men in the City of Gijón 2010-2014.
Carmen Moriyón, the city’s mayor, who pre-
sided the ceremony, was accompanied by:
the councilors of Employment and Econo-
mic Development, the secretary generals of
the UGT and CCOO trade unions’ regional
branches, Hector Roces and Juan Sán-
chez; the secretary general of FADE, Alber-
to González; and other social and business
agents who are party to the INNOVA Gijón
The University of Oviedo Foundation pre-
sented the key results from the research
Everyone in support of
The Gijón Town Council rewards the
program carried out (see attached PDF).
The directory of companies committed to
equality currently includes ffty-fve of diffe-
rent sizes and sectors which are working on
incorporating gender equality in their cor-
porate management. In some cases, some
have already implemented their respective
equality plans whereas others are currently
in the process of preparing and negotiating
it, although all have collaborated in the stu-
dy to describe the measures that they have
implemented the lights and the pros and
cons of the procedures applied. At the end
of the event, these companies were given
a diploma as a sign of appreciation for their
work and collaboration.
This study is part of the work being carried
out by the Gijón City Council’s Gender Unit
whose objectives can be summarized as
Generate and disseminate knowledge
throughout companies on the applica-
tion of Equality Act 3/2007.
Create a network of companies and en-
tities committed to equality among men
and women.
Design strategies and measures to
achieve real equality among men and
women at the workplace.
This recognition is yet another step towards
consolidating the Equality Policies promo-
ted by the Corporate Division of Labor Re-
lations and another one in the long list of
social awards and distinctions bestowed
on the company.