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FCC took delivery and
presented the frst electric
for FCC Construction at
its Torre Picasso
headquarters this morning
as part of its e-mobility
project in Spain. The cars
were acquired from
Northgate under its
Flexible Renting formula.
The cars will be used by the Construction
Division and will replace conventional ga-
soline-powered vehicles. This is the latest
addition to FCC’s feet of electric vehicles,
continuing the strategy of mobility, sustai-
nable development and protection of the
Among those from FCC attending the pre-
sentation were: Avelino Acero, managing
director of FCC Construcción; Eduardo
González, managing director of FCC Ener-
gía; José María Seoane, manager of FCC
Corporate Expenses and General Services;
and Vicente Cerezuela, FCC Fleet Manager.
As part of the event, a demonstration was
organized to demonstrate how the cars
The vehicles are 67 CV Citroën C-Zero mo-
dels which can function up to 130 kilome-
ters without recharging. The car’s battery
can be recharged either using the conven-
tional electricity grid, which takes 6 hours,
or a 30-minute quick charge that powers it
up to 80%.
FCC now has a dozen Citroën and Peugeot
cars, in addition to the 250 vehicles owned
by FCC Environment, which are used for
rubbish collection and road cleaning in va-
rious cities.
FCC also has 11 parking spaces equipped
with power points at its Torre Picasso, Fe-
derico Salmón, General Perón and Acanto
properties to charge these vehicles. These
facilities, in keeping with FCC’s commitment
to the environment, will be extended to the
rest of the parking spaces at these buil-
dings and the company’s other properties,
depending on demand.
In keeping with its electric mobility strategy,
FCC has entered into agreements for pre-
liminary studies and research related with
the electric car involving Citroën Spain, Sie-
mens and Peugeot vehicles. Meanwhile, an
agreement was reached with Citroën Spain
and BlueMobility via the new FCC Industrial
brand to install charge points for Citroën
Unveiling of the frst
electricity-powered cars
for F