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reafirms to
Ricardo Martinelli
commitment to make Panama
business hub
in Central America
Baldomero Falcones, chairman and CEO of FCC,
reafirmed to the president of Panama, Ricardo
Martinelli, the Citizen Services Group’s commitment to
making Panama the business hub of this region.
In a breakfast meeting organized in Madrid
on 13 July, FCC’s CEO mentioned that the
Group’s business portfolio in this Central
American country amounted to more than
2 billion Euros.
Of FCC’s large projects under way in Pana-
ma, Mr. Falcones cited construction of line
1 of the Panama City metro (with a budget
of around 1 billion euro), the construction
of a new access channel from the Pacifc
to the Panama Canal as part of the project
to build the third set of locks at Mirafores,
and the most recent contract to build the
new eastern access bridge to the Centen-
nial Bridge.
In his speech before Mr. Martinelli, Mr.
Falcones described Panama as a country
that is “attractive for investment and which
has inspired global confdence, especially
among investors, in view of almost two de-
cades of political stability, its respect for de-
mocracy, legal certainty and commitment
to infrastructure as a driver of growth.”
Mr. Falcones also highlighted Panama’s in-
vestment grade rating from the international
rating agencies along with the government’s
ability to seize the economic momentum in
order to revamp the country by standardi-
zing its tax system and developing infras-
tructure, while still maintaining a focus on
education and social welfare.