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development areas and is 113 meters high
with 26 foors. The hotel is owned by the
Hoteles Santos chain, a leader in its indus-
As Fermín Vázquez explains, the greatest
challenge of the tower was its organic sha-
pe: the unique and extraordinarily striking
façade is formed by a tubular aluminum
structure that runs around the outside of
the building in continuous lines from the
ground right up to the top. An eye-catching
red, the tower is immediately visible from a
distance, and its complex geometry grows,
twists and spreads as the edifce rises. The
b720 Architectos frm also designed Torre
Agbar in Barcelona, winner of the second
prize for the best skyscraper in the world
in 2004.
Torre Diagonal Zero Zero
in ninth place
Porta Fira was not the only FCC-built cons-
truction deserving the Emporis Skyscraper
award. Another building built by the Citi-
zens’ Services Group, the Diagonal Zero
Zero Tower, also in Barcelona, also came in
ninth. Designed by Enric Massip-Bosch’s
Taller de Arquitectura EMBA, Torre Diagonal
Zero Zero will house Telefónica’s new Bar-
celona head offces.
The Zero Zero Tower has a rhomboidal foor
skyscraper in the world
Fuente: Emporis Skyscraper.
plan and is 110 m high with 23 foors. It had
already won awards such as the Quantrium
Prize for the best design of 2010.
The best skyscrapers in the world in 22010
includes projects form nearly all continents.
The experts highlighted that the results of
the votes underscores that the European
Mediterranean basin has become an world-
wide architectural reference, according to
Matthew Ketenes, an expert in architecture
and member of the panel of judges for the
Emporis Skyscraper awards.