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FCC has reached an agreement with Uniland to supply
fuel for the kilns at its plants in Cataluña. This
collaboration, which is the result of an agreement
signed between Uniland and FCC Ámbito, enables the
group to make optimal use of the waste it generates
and to reduce its CO
emissions and ecological footprint.
FCC has just commissioned its frst plant
for converting non-hazardous industrial
waste into alternative fuel, in Castellbisbal
(Barcelona). The facility converts the waste,
which is currently disposed of in controlled
landflls, into an ecological fuel for use by
cement plants and similar facilities.
The new refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant,
developed by FCC Ámbito, the Citizen Ser-
vices Group’s industrial waste management
division, features cutting-edge technology
commissions its frst