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g medicines,
althy habit
What should not be deposited at
the SIGRE Point?
Needles thermometers, X-rays, batteries,
gauze, and chemical products should not
be deposited at the SIGRE Point.
The best method for recycling
drugs and the respective contai-
All left-over drugs which have expired or
have not been used and the respective
containers should be deposited at the
SIGRE Point at the pharmacy.
Containers that have been in contact
with the drug (bottles, tubes, aerosols,
vials, blister packs, etc.) even if empty,
should be handled in a specifc way and
should be deposited at the SIGRE Point.
These should be take in their origi-
nal package to the pharmacy so as to
e able to identify the different types of
drugs and containers for their proper
Cardboard boxes and other types of
containers with leftover drugs or empty
should not be thrown in the blue con-
tainers for paper, or the yellow one for
other containers, or the green one for
What is the destination of leftover
drugs left at the SIGRE Point at the
Pharmacy retailers are responsible for
collecting leftover drugs and containers,
transferring these items to their facilities and
depositing them in fxed containers where
they are stored in areas specially identifed
for this purpose.
These containers are collected from retai-
lers’ warehouse by authorised waste han-
dlers who then transfer them to the Clinical
Waste Sorting Plant in Cerceda (A Coruña).
After sorting, the clinical waste is classifed
into three main categories. The frst one is
for dangerous drugs requiring a specifc en-
vironmental treatment, which is delivered to
specialised waste managers. The second
category is container materials, classifed
according to the respective material – pa-
per, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc – which
are handed over to recycling companies.
The third category is non-hazardous ma-
terials which are delivered to a waste ma-
nager for recycling according to the most
appropriate method.
Recycling the containers contributes to sa-
ving raw materials, increasingly scares and
costly to produce, and by eliminating the
medicines or drugs, we protect the envi-
Information provided by SIGRE Medica-
mente y Medio Ambiente