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accolade for
its prevention of
occupational hazards
It is recommended that the household me-
dicine cabinet should be checked periodi-
cally so as not to accumulate old medici-
nes. Empty containers and left-over drugs
that are no longer necessary or that have
expired should be left at the SIGRE collec-
tion point at the pharmacy to ensure that
this clinical waste is properly and environ-
mentally recycled, thereby preventing da-
mage to our surroundings.
For the sake of our health and the environ-
ment, it is essential to use drugs respon-
sibly and to dispose of them when we no
longer need them at the SIGRE Point.
What should be deposited at the
SIGRE point at the pharmacy?
The items that should be deposited at the
SIGRE Point are
The empty container, when all the medi-
cine has been used.
Empty containers and leftover drugs...
when the medical treatment is comple-
Unnecessary or expired drugs found
when going through the household me-
dicine cabinet.
All should be left inside the cardboard con-
It is important to bear in mind that even
empty containers should be left at the SI-
GRE Point in the pharmacy since they have
been in contact with the drug and could
contain traces of it.
a very h
Waste Recycling Group was awarded the Golden Accolade for Occupational
Health and Safety by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
Created 55 years ago, this prestigious award is recognized nationally and inter-
nationally. During the screening process, accident and the entrant’s health and
safety management schemes are verifed, as well as aspects such as strong
leadership and workforce involvement. The award is divided into three catego-
ries: bronze, silver, and gold.
WRG has a deeply rooted culture of occupational risk prevention and is rightly
proud of its efforts to implement appropriate procedures to ensure compliance
with their high standards.
This is great news and everyone should be congratulated.