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A new partnership between re3 and Sue
Ryder has helped raise valuable funds for
people in need of care, thanks to donations
made by residents.
re3 is a waste and resource partnership
between Bracknell Forest, Reading and
Wokingham Borough Councils, and Waste
Recycling Group (WRG).
Since March 2011, household goods
brought to household waste recycling cen-
tres at Smallmead (Reading) and Longshot
Lane, (Bracknell) by local residents have
been checked over and then distributed for
sale via a network of ten Sue Ryder Shops
across Berkshire in southeast England.
Over 6,000kg (six tons) of reusable items
- mainly household furniture (from cabinets
and desks to beds and wardrobes) have
been collected to date and passed on for
Sandy Lunn, the Retail Business Manager
for Berkshire at Sue Ryder, explained that
300 pounds sterling covers the daily cost
of running a hospice bed and 750 sterling
pounds pays for the equipment to help a
cancer patient manage their pain. She
added: “We’re delighted that re3 has cho-
sen to support Sue Ryder in this way. To
raise £6,000 in just three months is incre-
dible; it enables us to provide expert care
when and where it’s most needed.”
and the citizens of Bracknell Forest, Reading,
and Wokingham help the
Sue Ryder NGO
Sue Ryder is a charity that provides end
of life and long-term care for people li-
ving with conditions such as cancer,
stroke, brain injury, multiple sclero-
sis, dementia, Huntington’s disease,
Parkinson’s disease and motor neuro-
ne disease.
Founded in 1953, the charity has a
long and distinguished history of delive-
ring care and today operates hospices,
neurological care centres, homecare
and community based services na-
The re3 project was set up nine years
ago between Bracknell Forest, Reading
and Wokingham borough councils.
In 2006 they signed a Private Finance
Initiative (PFI) contract with Waste Re-
cycling Group to develop and manage
waste solutions over the next 25 years.
Both the Smallmead Household Waste
Recycling Centre, which was named
the best recycling centre in the country
last year, and the facility at Longshot
Lane in Bracknell, have been built as a
result of the re3 partnership.
About Sue Ryder
About re3
The Sue Ryder shop in Sandhurst (Berkshire), from left to right: Councilwoman Dorothy Hayes MB;, Phil Cowell, Logistics
Manager at Sue Ryder Care; Mark Tipton, general manager of re3; and councilman Gary Cowan. The chairs and table, all of
excellent quality, were donated by residents to the household waste recycling center at Smallmead that is run by re3.