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Social Responsibility
collaborates in the summer courses held
at the
Rey Juan Carlos University
in Madrid
José Manuel Velasco, General Manager of
FCC Communication and Corporate Social
Responsibility, inaugurated the summer
course organized by Aqualia and the Rey
Juan Carlos University: Technological Net-
works, Social Networks, and Business Net-
works: Ideas for Innovation, Research, and
Regino Criado, the director of the course;
Gonzalo Díe, Director of Planning and Ex-
ternal Relations of of the Ministry
of Industry, Tourism, and Trade; Juan Bru,
The topics of the course
include social
networks, eficient
management systems,
water distribution
networks, and even
business networks as
models for the
organization and
management of a large
group of activities
manager of Michael Page; and Florentino
Borondo, a Universidad Autónoma de Ma-
drid professor were among the personali-
ties who participated at the inaugural event.
The course is designed to be a debate
forum on the presence and usefulness of
networks in the broadest sense. Enrique
Hernández, Aqualia’s director of Services
Management, participated in the round ta-
ble discussion on Networks and Globalisa-
tion while Mariano Blanco, Aqualia’s mana-
ger of the International Clients department
made a presentation on the “Future of
Water Services in Spain: interrelation net-