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Work on the
Media Center
for the
2012 London Olympics
With less than a year to go for the next
Olympics, FCC has begun building the
International Broadcasting Center to be
used by the communications media during
the forthcoming London Olympics and Pa-
ralympics in 2012.
FCC is the only Spanish company invol-
ved in the construction of the infrastructu-
re for these Olympics to be held next year
in the British capital. More than 40m000
companies are involved in organizing the
Olympics and Paralympics in London, with
the construction and supply contracts for
these games worth 6 billion pounds ster-
ling (about 7 billion Euros).
FCC is tasked with designing and building
the International Broadcasting Centre, in-
cluding indoor architecture and fnishing
work, and maintaining the IBC while it is
being used by the media (radio and TV).
The Media Center is scheduled to be com-
pleted by 30 April of next year, nearly three
months before the Games begin. Up to
300 workers will participate in its construc-
tion. Once the Centre’s facilities have been
installed in the 56,000-m
venue, the IBC
will become the workplace for more than
20,000 media professionals from all over
the world.
The broadcasts of the Olympic Games’
opening and closing ceremonies, slated
for 27 July and 12 August of next year,
respectively, will be the headline media
events. A US market study frm calcula-
ted that 4,400 million viewers all over the
planet watched the 2008 China Olympics
on TV, a record that the London organizers
look forward to breaking in 2012.
The Citizen Services
Group, the only Spanish
company involved in
the construction of the
infrastructure for these
The 56,000 meter
square building will house
the International
Broadcasting Center