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wins the
“Building of the
Year 2010”
award in Poland
Aqualia lndustrial
to build the waste management
plant at the Astillero de Reparaciones de Navantia in Cadiz
The MKS Cracovia stadium in Poland,
built by ALPINE and its Polish local part-
ner, KPBD BUDUS, were the winners of
the “Building of the Year 2010” award in
the sports facilities category. Since 1989,
this prize has been awarded by the Polish
Association of Engineers and Construc-
tion Companies in collaboration with the
country’s Ministry of Public Works and the
Building Supervisory Authority.
On this occasion, the panel of judges
appraised the quality of construction, the
structural solutions applied, construction
site organization, and safety.
Karsten Hell, Chairman of the Board of
ALPINE reaffrmed his satisfaction for this
award which underlined the commitment of
Aqualia Industrial was awarded the contract
for building the wastewater treatment plant
at Astillero de Reparaciones de Navantia
in Puerto Real, Cadiz. The objective of this
project, which should be concluded in one
Aqualia Industrial’s solution
was chosen for treatment of oily Marpol-type
wastewater from ships
year, is to ensure that effuents comply with
Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007 on was-
tewater recycling. The water treated at the
plant will also be used for washing and for
watering the gardens at the shipyard.
Through its affliate, “Sociedad Española
de Aguas Filtradas S.A.”, Aqualia Industrial
will build a plant for handling a wide array
of contaminated water, with pH of 4-12;
1,000 to 11,200 mg/l chloride concentra-
tions; 2,500 and 37,000 mg/l COD; and
A&G concentrations that could reach up to
The proposed treatment lines basically in-
volve a preliminary treatment to remove
solids and oils and homogenize the fows
and loads, subsequently applying a physi-
cal-chemical treatment to eliminate organic
material and nutrients in a membrane bio-
logical reactor (MBR). This system combi-
nes the advanced anoxia and aerobes eli-
mination of nutrients, obtaining the optimal
water quality for its use, similar to the pro-
duct obtained in tertiary processes based
on ultrafltration membranes.
Sociedad Española de Aguas Filtradas has
been managing Navantia’s wastewater at
the Bay of Cadiz (San Fernando, Puerto
Real y Cadiz) for over more than 20 years.
The award
underscores the
commitment of employees
and the company
its employees and of the company.
The award-winning stadium replaces the
former one which was built in 1912. It fea-
tures on the western stand a stage for hos-
ting major events. Accommodating 15,000
spectators, the stadium was built in 15
View of the Navantia production facilities at Puerto Real