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Under the new FCC Industrial brand, laun-ched in November 2010, different compa-nies will be operating within the FCC Cons-trucción industrial scope. These companies possess long experience in building in this feld and thus afford a better guarantee for a success-flled future together.

Parallel to the creation of this new brand and integrated into the process, two of the investee companies, Ibérica de Servicios y Obras (ISO) and Auxiliar de Pipelines (APL), merged in December last year and have been operating together since the frst of this business year under the name of FCC Actividades de Construcción Industrial, a company which will be carrying out work in the following lines of business:

All types of building, most especially in-dustrial

Turnkey and EPC contracts for renewa-ble energy production facilities (Solar

Supply of prestressed pipes covered with a metal sheet and with elastic joints, manufac-ted at the Puente Genil (Cordoba) factory for the Monte Novo project

in Portugal.

thermal energy plants, biomass plants and other projects related to this feld)

Turnkey and EPC contracts for indus-trial plants (refneries, combined-cycle, cement-manufacturing plants)

Regasifcation plants and liquefed natu-ral gas (LNG) storage tanks

Construction of oil pipelines, gas pipe-lines, plus gas- and hydrocarbon-pro-cessing plants

Similarly, for boosting and unifying the Company’s resulting image, to promote new business prospects and make the best of these companies’ synergies, ESPELSA has changed its name to FCC Servicios In-dustriales y Energéticos and has taken over DENEO, ELCEN, EURMAN and GEINSA. The new company will be responsible for the following lines of business:

Turnkey and EPC contracts for photo-voltaic plants and energy plant facilities

Railway contracts (railway catenaries, railway facilities and systems)

Distribution networks (electric power substations, overhead and under-ground power lines, etc.)

Maintenance and energy effciency

Electrical switchboard manufacture

Systems (advanced computer system engineering)

Lastly, the following companies have also

been incorporated into the FCC Industrial Group: Internacional TECAIR, specializing in building heating facilities; Prefabricados DELTA, devoted to manufacturing prefa-bricated components, and MEGAPLAS, providing corporate image services. All of the companies will continue operating un-der the same name as at present within the FCC Industrial Group.

The production planned for this business year for the Group’s new Citizen Services brand, FCC Industrial, headed by Santiago Ruiz González, will be worth more than 500 million euro.

New brand

Page 9 - FCC-N06-eng

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