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“It’s an exciting project”

Interview of María Antonia González, director of INCORPORA:

What makes the Incorpora Project di-fferent from other similar projects in the past?

Incorpora is a strategic project of the company which will mark a turning point in our HR management. The project is really ambitious thanks to the many ac-tivities, collective bargaining agreements, and processes that it will have to integrate in order to address the needs of the entire FCC Group. We are talking, for example, about more than 1,000 different collective bargaining agreements.

What does the Incorpora Project actually consist of?

The Incorpora Project is a strategic pro-gram to improve the FCC Group’s HR management. We will introduce advan-ced IT management tools and will centra-lize this function at a single Shared Servi-ces Center (SSC) for the entire Group and this will enable the HR team to focus on greater added value activities, promoting career development and communication policies thereby creating a better work environment.

In what phase is the project now? The Global Master team is performing tests with the fles that we are receiving from outside and narrowing down the cri-teria the project’s rollout. The payroll area is performing integration and user tests. And the organizational structure is being defned now at SSC in order to start wor-king with the pilot project. In short, we are completing the preliminary work and tests so that we can start to implement it in the Construction division.

When will the Incorpora project be com-pleted?

We expect that it will take a total of 30 months. Considering that we started working on the project on 23 September of this year, we believe that it should be completed in the spring of 2013.

What will be the sequence for the migra-tion of payrolls to the new system? According to the plan, we will begin with the migration of the payrolls of the Cons-truction division frst, and then Aqualia-Versia, then Environment and, lastly, Ce-ment.

Will the centralization of payrolls imply staff downsizing?

No, the project will not mean any loss of jobs, but rather greater added value in the work of many people in the human resource division who will have to spend less time in performing administrative tasks. Those who are performing this job will be able to move on and will be perfor-ming other higher added value functions.

What was the reason for choosing Cap Gemini and Accenture for collaborating in this project?

In fact, it was not an easy decision. We asked the most important consulting frms in Spain to submit their proposals for developing this project and other com-panies, in addition to Cap Gemini such as

Indra and IBM participated in the process. We looked very closely at all the offers focusing on the technical offers, proven experience in similar projects, and the most balanced budget. Furthermore, in the case of Cap Gemini, we had already collaborated with them in the preliminary phase of the project and, accordingly, had acquired knowledge by working on the project. Considering these and other as-pects, we decided to entrust the project to Cap Gemini and Accenture.

What will the SSC do?

Simplifying it, SSC will be in charge of handling everything involving personnel Administration and Payroll. In short, SSC will provide services to the different busi-nesses although these will continue to be responsible for contributing to the SSC’s performance, furnishing the information required at all times: the businesses will enter data in the tool, including payroll, additions, attritions, overtime, etc.

How would you rate the collaboration of the business areas in this project? Generally, all areas have been very coo-perative. Now that we are about to start with the Construction division’s payroll, the relationship with this business area is more intense and we are getting along very well.

And, on the personal level, what does this project represent for you?

It represents a very important change in my career. I had to move to a different workplace and there have been changes in my responsibilities, my colleagues, I work many more hours. Nevertheless, I believe it is a very exciting project, a great challenge and I feel privileged for being part of it, collaborating every day with the excellent professionals working at Incor-pora.

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