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The department’s lawyers
Rubén García Menéndez
Manager of the International Legal
Counsel Department.
Educational background:
Law degree
Years working at FCC:
The job of the department is exiting be-
cause of the variety of subjects that we
must deal with and because of the global
vision that we have because of our acti-
vities in nearly fifty countries. This is cer-
tainly very enriching from the professional
as well as from the personal standpoint.
Carlos Iso Florén
Years working at FCC:
Working with regulatory or institutional fra-
meworks that may differ significantly from
those in Spain is part of the international
activity. In certain countries, we must also
add important cultural or language differen-
ces as well as the need to often work with
consortiums of multiple nationalities and
Juan Dezcallar López-Chicheri
Years working at FCC Construcción:
What I most like about my work is to see
how a project is born and the satisfaction
of seeing it completed.
We have to assess the risks involved in
working in a country and the risks of spe-
cific projects to try to foresee and prevent
Diego Mencerreyes Goyoaga
Years working at FCC Construcción:
5.5 years
The part of my work that I like the most is
to try to find solutions to facilitate FCC’s
presence in countries where operations,
mentality, and regulations are very different
from ours, also having the opportunity of
meeting new people and learning about
different cultures.
Maria Pedro Nogueira
Lawyer in Portugal
Years working at FCC Construcción:
Since RRC is a subsidiary of FCC Cons-
ntries where we do not have a presence”,
Ruben explained. “I refer to the inclusion of
clauses referring the resolution of disputes
to an international arbitration figure and/or
the application of sound laws in contracts
even though these may not be the laws of
the country where the business is conduc-
ted. We must pay very special attention to
these issues since, even though there may