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h e p l a c e
Another important aspect of the work of
this team is to control compliance with
applicable law and the Group’s in-house re-
gulations in the transactions in which FCC
Construcción is involved.
“In carrying out our activity, we maintain
close relations with other departments at
FCC Construcción and with Central Servi-
ces, the General Secretariat, and the Cor-
porate Legal Department of the Group,
the Studies and Contracting Department,
the Finance Department, and the Adminis-
tration Department”, according to Rubén
García, manager of the International Legal
Counsel during our interview.
The team
The members of the International Legal
Counsel Department of FCC Construcción
include Rubén García Menéndez, Carlos
Iso Floren, Diego Mencerreyes Goyoaga,
Juan Dezcallar López-Chicheri and Fernan-
do Ruiz Díaz, all of them lawyers who work
at the Las Tablas (Madrid) headquarters,
and Maribel Jiménez Camacho, the secre-
tary of the department. There is also a team
of lawyers in other countries: Alejandro
Cruz Gallardo and Melissa Sucre Sinisterra,
in Panama; Pablo Seijas Ameijide, en Cana-
da; Maria Pedro Nogueira, in Portugal; and,
Matilde Artola Aguilar in Nicaragua. A new
member will be joining the team shortly who
will be working in Algeria.
Rubén García remarked that, in relation to
the work system at the department: “I try
to have more than one lawyer involved in
important issues. Each lawyer handles his
own matters although they may frequently
work as a team in other issues”.
A world of different laws
There are several factors that often make
the work of an International Legal Counsel
complicated due to the number of issues
and the various applicable legal systems in
the commercial relations in which FCC is
involved when carrying out its international
Many of these laws are similar to those in
Spain. Nevertheless, many others are com-
pletely different. In these last cases, it is es-
sential to count with the help of local law
firms to guarantee the legal security of the
transactions carried out. Ruben believes
that “it is necessary to have an open mind
from the legal standpoint and not to take
anything for granted”.
There are mechanisms to mitigate the risk
of conducting our activities in certain cou-