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and e-commerce courses, is reflected in
the book so that the reader may have all
the necessary tools not only for unders-
tanding the subject, but also to enable the
reader to carry out an idea that was always
in his/her mind: being a businessman, his
own boss, set up his own company, words
that for many are just dreams but for others
a reality.
On what does this depend?
The answer depends on understanding bu-
siness and the dedication required to carry
this out.
All of us have ideas about setting up a
business. Why is it that some carry it
out and others do not?
The book describes the factors required
for success and those that lead to failure.
Systematic development to generate
an e-business
Rapidly conceptualize the objective.
Focus on the most important aspects.
Develop the necessary skills.
Clarify objectives and strategies.
Define action plans.
Generate a business plan.
Operations plan and start-up.
Constant improvement.
When you understand this, you will unders-
tand only you are responsible for the suc-
cess or failure.
This book is not only aimed at people who
want to set up their own business by taking
advantage of Internet, but also for those
who want to know how to start a business,
the keys for success, to know why some
succeed and others fail, or how to make the
business grow. Therefore, it is not only for
those involved in finance, administration or
systems, but also to anybody who wants
or needs to start or to enlarge a business.
Unlike most works which only present a
thematic structure without explaining how
to implement concepts, this book guides
the reader for the practical development of
each of the business phases; from an idea,
until making it a reality, all in a logical se-
quence and using the right tools.
With the help of a methodology, thanks
to this work, theoretical concepts can be
applied in practice.
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