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“New e-business
Óscar Reyes,
IT Manager at FCC Construcción, in Mexico
presents his book
Óscar Reyes, IT manager at FCC Cons-
trucción Mexico has just published his
book, “Nuevas Tendencias en el Negocio
Electrónico”, (New e-business trends) to let
others learn, not only from his more than
15 years’ experience as an expert in new
technologies, but also to share with readers
the tools required to create and generate
a traditional business or an electronic en-
What made you write this book?
Well, I wrote the book because there is very
little that has been written on this subject
in Mexico and because I thought that this
would be a contribution on my part and,
most importantly, because it describes is-
sues of which I am constantly aware of as
the head of Information Technologies.
What is your purpose for publishing this
Throughout the book, I include tips or the
necessary messages to help others set up
their own business, or to bring their busi-
ness to the web (as e-commerce or e-bu-
The experience accumulated over more
than 15 years in advising various compa-
nies, giving conferences, teaching business