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for the supply
of energy
At Santa Susanna (Barcelona)
FCC wins
and comprehensive public lighting service
its first tender
The Agreement, worth 3,614,278 Euros,
signed in February contemplates
end-to-end management of
public lighting in that city for a period of
12 years. The services include
energy supply and management,
preventive maintenance, and the total
assurance of all installations,
the initial investment for upgrading the
public lighting system, and promoting
the improvement of energy efficiency.
FCC’s commitment as a Citizen Services
Group has been bolstered by the award
of a contract for public lighting in Santa
Susanna (Barcelona). This is the first ener-
gy service contract awarded to FCC. The
contract contemplates energy supply and
comprehensive management of the public
lighting system. The term of the contract,
12 years, may be extended every two years
to up to 16 years.
During this period, FCC will be in char-
ge of monitoring and controlling energy