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Social responsibility
Dow Jones
FCC has been included in the prestigious
World and European Dow Jones Sustaina-
bility Indices (DJSI) for the fourth consecu-
tive year. In particular, the DJSI recognised
the Group’s environmental strategy during
the past year.
FCC improved its score the most in con-
nection with the environmental policy im-
plemented in 2010, which gave rise to
several initiatives to improve citizens’ well-
being and preserve the environment in the
context of combating climate change. The
experts gave the FCC a score of 83 points,
compared with 78 points last year. FCC
improved its overall score despite tougher
assessment criteria this year.
The experts at Dow Jones and SAM (Sus-
tainable Asset Management) gave FCC,
which is listed in the Heavy Construction
category, the highest possible score in the
“Non-fnancial Project Evaluation”, “Risk
Management”, and “Transport and Logis-
tics” areas. It also received a high score in
the “Standards for Suppliers” category.
FCC’s established position among the
world’s most sustainable companies re-
fects a series of actions and achievements
in the area of social responsibility by the
Group, whose core shareholder is Esther
Koplowitz. These include the company’s
ongoing commitment to ethics and integri-
ty; more than 9,000 employees have been
trained in the corporate ethics code and
other projects in this area have been orga-
nised outside Spain.
FCC is prioritising electric mobility and has
intensifed programmes to improve energy
effciency through investment in renewable
energies and the use of alternative fuels.
The company is also committed to the
personal and professional development of
its staff, labour insertion of underprivileged
groups, improvements in community well-
being through environmental education,
and the corporate volunteer programme.
FCC continues in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
is one of the company’s four strategic
objectives (together with internatio-
nalisation, effciency and technology)
which currently guide the management
of the Group, headed by Chairman and
CEO Baldomero Falcones.
According to Michael A. Petronella,
Chairman of the Dow Jones Indices:
“The DJSI have become the gold stan-
dard in recognizing the world’s corpo-
rate sustainability leaders”, calling the
indices “an invaluable market tool for
those seeking to support companies
that are committed to creating and
adopting sustainable business practi-
This year, the Dow Jones Sustainabili-
ty World Index (DJSI World) comprises
342 companies; 41 new frms have
been added and 23 have been dele-
ted from last year. The experts behind
these sustainability indices select com-
panies which are committed to sustai-
nable growth and to creating value for
shareholders by complying with the
more than 90 strict economic, social
and environmental criteria.
CSR, a strategic