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“Last year was the frst
time that we participated
in the .A.S.A. Family Day
. I was a bit upset with
my husband for not having
done so before. We and
our children enjoyed it
tremendously. This year we
will be getting ready two
weeks before the event.”
“Our family participates every year because we want
to win the soccer cup” (They did! - János Váczi,
Péter Szabó and the Balla family, the three of them,
father and two sons, are .A.S.A. employees)
Congratulations to our
colleagues who have
been working at .A.S.A.
10, 15 or 20 years!
I think that everyone
should know and feel
that .A.S.A. appreciates
loyalty and commitment
and that the company
rewards its reliable and
skilled employees.
Everyone works very
hard in Hungary, even
the country manager!
On this occasion, they printed T-shirts with this
.A.S.A. ‘s latest invention: .A.S.A. KUKART
Our chief mechanics have invented a very cute vehicle for the great race on the
.A.S.A. Family Day. They made it in their spare time using an old container.
The two-man team had to use a special trap; the fastest cars won.