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The excellent collaborative relationship
among FCC’s international activities was
underscored last August when Waste Re-
cycling Group (WRG) took a group of key
stakeholders, including journalists from re-
gional media, to visit the new .A.S.A. waste
recycling facilities in Zistersdorf near Vien-
na, which uses waste to produce electric
WRG and .A.S.A. provide waste and re-
source management services in their res-
pective markets: WRG in the United King-
dom and .A.S.A. in Central and Southeast
WRG is the preferred bidder for the non-
recyclable waste management contract in
Buckinghamshire and is planning to build
a waste-to-energy facility in Greatmoor,
near Aylesbury with a capacity for handling
300,000 tons per year. The proposal had
raised concerns in the region on the role of
the incineration and the waste-to-energy
process. Accordingly, WRG decided to
show the local media a similar facility al-
ready in operations so that they could gain
a better understanding of WRG’s proposal
and be able to report this issue with greater
“We decided to take them to see the Zis-
tersdorf plant since it is quite similar to the
one we plan to build in Buckinghamshire,”
Mike Snell, the Communications Director
at WRG said, adding that “Although Zis-
tersdorf is smaller than the one foreseen
for Buckinghamshire in terms of capacity,
it employs the same combustion technolo-
gy, is only two years old, is quite important,
and is also situated in very lovely rural su-
rroundings.”. Dan Murphy, head of WRG
projects, in charge of the Buckinghamshire
tender offer, acted as the guide, accompa-
nied by Anushka Desai, Communications
Offcer at the Buckinghamshire County
share good practices