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Leading real estate frms meet in
Torre Picasso
Torre Picasso unveiled its new general services
catalogue before a group of leading real estate
companies at an event held at the landmark’s
building auditorium.
Guillermo Alcaide, general manager of Torre
Picasso; Jesús Bustamante Technical Ma-
nager; Ignacio González, Sales Manager;
and Antonio Escudero, Security Manager,
detailed the technical characteristics of
this landmark building, descring the offe-
ring and availability of the buildings public
areas. They also presented the compre-
hensive services provided by Per Gestora
Inmobiliaria, as another added value for the
tenants in this this tower.
In relation to security as the top priority to
provde the best service to tenants, the key
advances and upgrades ade in this respect
during the recent campaing were presented
at this event.
Each year, Torre Piccasso makes signif-
cant expenditures which are earmarked
for a stringent maintenance and upgrade
plan which make Torre Picasso one of the
most effcient and safe intelligent buildings
and landmarks in Europe for the more than
6000 peole who work there every day as
well as for other members of the commu-
Standing 117 meters tall (counting from the
last basement up), Torre Picasso is part of
the city’s skyline and is situated at the heart
of the capital city’s fnancial district. The 45
storey building can been seen from nearly
any part of the city and has become one
of its landmarks
Designed by the American architect of Ja-
panese origin, Minoru Yamasaki, who also
designed the former Twin Towers in New
York City, the author gave the building a
powerful exterior image and an exclusive
interior design to house offces, with inte-
lligent and appropirate spaces to provide
its clients with the mst advanced services,
technology, comfort and security.
Guillermo Alcaide
General Manager of Per Gestora