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ALPlNE to build a gas pipeline

ensuring the supply of natural gas to central European countries

Avelino Acero participates in the Sixth Transport Infrastructure Conference

The energy division of ALPINE Bau GmbH will be tackling two sections of the ex-tension of the Gazelle gas pipeline to the Czech Republic, in a joint venture with the Belgian frm DENYS.

The client is Net4Gas, the State’s natural gas supply operator in charge of gas su-pply in the Czech Republic and a member of GTE (Gas Transmission Europe). With this project, FCC’s Austrian subsidiary has secured for itself an important role in Euro-pean energy projects.

The project is appraised at 76.7 million euro, and it will serve to ensure the supply of natural gas for the countries of central Europe, such as the Czech Republic, and so forestall the recurrence of energy crises like the one that hit two years ago.

The Gazelle gas pipeline will be over 105

The Managing Director of FCC Construc-ción, Avelino Acero, participated in the Sixth Transport Infrastructure Conference on the Outlook and Strategies of Companies ope-rating in the Transport Infrastructure Sector which was held at the Hotel Eurobuilding in Madrid on Thursday, 12 May.

One of the topics discussed was the pro-blems associated with infrastructure fnan-cing and the severe crisis facing the cons-truction sector. The predominant subject was the need to transfer construction acti-

FCC has been extremely lively in indus-trial activity and the energy business. Just as ALPINE has a powerful energy division, FCC Construcción has FCC Industrial, a division newly created by the merger of several FCC companies specializing in these same sectors and formerly all working separately.

FCC Industrial takes full advantage of its components’ individual experience in areas such as liquefed natural gas storage, gas and oil pipeline construc-tion and power plant construction.

FCC has an industrial

division with experience in the sector

vity abroad so as to ensure the sustainabi-lity of the leading construction companies.

Through its Austrian subsidiary, Alpine, FCC has a major presence in several Central Eu-ropean countries where it enjoys a leaders-hip positioning. Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia are markets where FCC aims to increase its presence to maintain its po-sitioning, as well as in the American market.

kilometers long and will consist of two sec-tions, one 52.4 kilometers long and one 53.4 kilometers long.

These two sections, which together make for a length of 105.8 kilometers, belong to the pipeline section that will cross the Czech Republic from north to south, a 142-kilometre journey, from the OPAL gas pipeline situated south of Germany.

Accordingly, the Gazelle pipeline will be part of what is called the “northern transport route”, which supplies the old world’s na-tural gas from the Russian province of Tyu-men Oblast via the Baltic Sea.

Avelino Acero, Managing Director of FCC Construcción

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