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Successful frst edition of the

Prevention Awards

FCC wins award for its

“Eco-Eficiency Prizes”

The frst edition of the Prevention Awards was announced last December. The pur-pose of this prize is to reward and recog-nize the work of FCC personnel aimed at improving the levels of safety and health within our organization.

The results of the announcement were ex-cellent and more than twenty entries were submitted to compete in the three catego-ries.

Preventive Management Prize: proposals were submitted by various business areas, including companies and contractors which have stood out for their management and preventive work that delivered results un-derscoring the success of their initiatives.

Technical Innovation: the largest number of proposals was received to compete in this category, all of which were interesting and very diverse, focusing on prevention mana-gement IT systems; machinery, and novel

and practical work tools and devices that enhance safety and comfort; installations committed to safety, health, and the envi-ronment; collective protection measures and fre prevention measures as well as projects aimed at improving the health and quality of life of workers.

Personal career award: although the entries for this category was the lowest among all proposals, the ones which were submitted highlighted the fact that there are workers with names and surnames committed to prevention of whom their colleagues are proud enough to submit their names so that they achieve public recognition.

We take the opportunity to mention in Communication Network our appreciation, particular to the participants for their efforts and for wanting to share their work with the rest of the organization.

FCC won an award at the contest spon-sored by the magazine Actualidad Econó-mica for “The best 100 ideas of the year” under the sustainable ideas category for its project: “Good ideas deserve a prize. First edition of the FCC Eco-Effciency Awards”.

The purpose of the “Best ideas of the year” prize, awarded every year by the magazine Actualidad Económica, is to reward the 100 most innovative ideas in different categories

that have stood out for their originality and quality in 2010.

That eco-effciency becomes one of the tra-demarks of the company is one of FCC’s main objectives. More than 100 projects participated in this contest which recogni-

zes the initiatives or actions taken by FCC employees that contribute to sustainable development, the implementation of appro-priate measures to make the best use of natural resources, and the implementation of new technologies that make a positive contribution to the environment.

Page 11 - FCC-N06-eng

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