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civil engineer
hired by FCC
FCC is a company full of interesting people,
people who inspire with a background wor-
thy of being recognised for its values. A
space dedicated to these people who con-
tribute day to day to a more pleasant life is
not without its merits.
Teresa de Ugarte is a clear example. For-
merly an employee of the now disappeared
construction company Ginés Navarro, she
was the first female civil engineer hired by
FCC in March 1987. Since then, except for
a two-year period during which she worked
at the Generalitat (Catalan regional govern-
ment), she has developed her professional
career in the company. At first, she worked
at the Cataluña Building Branch Office, and
the first female
is currently the manager of FCC Eficiencia
Energética (FCC Energy Efficiency – Spa-
nish acronym, ENEFI), an activity that she
combines with her unusual hobby: partici-
pating in 4x4 adventure rallies in the desert.
During the meeting on International
Women’s Day, Teresa answered several
questions, including one about the incor-
poration of women in the job market.
Why did you decide to become a civil engi-
neer? Was there anybody close to you who
encouraged you or served as an example?
I was finally convinced because my gran-
dfather was a Civil Works assistant, I always
had a special skill for mathematics and
sciences, family tradition, I had the support
of my parents, and also a great high school
friend also decided to study that career.
As the first female civil engineer hired by
FCC, do you think your work has contri-
buted to opening the door to other wo-
Of course, I felt that responsibility and
thought that I could help in fighting aga-
inst the prejudice that women, because of
their maternity, caused problems at work.
When I joined the company, I felt that I was
pressured and had to show that a woman
I n t e r v i
e w