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the second-largest one in Graz and is on
the east bank of the river. Right in front, at
the other side of Mur is the modern Kunts-
haus (House of Art), a modern architecture
building. Between the two buildings, the
artifcial foating platform Murinsel awaits
visitors. There are many other places of in-
terest outside the historic district such as
the Karl-Franzens University, the Technical
University building, the University of Music
and Art; the General Joanneum Museum,
and Leechkirche, the oldest church in the
city built in 1202.
The Graz metropolitan area produces one-
third of the net industrial output in the pro-
vince and accounts for nearly 40% of the
jobs in Styria, Graz and its province, Styria,
are the technological hub of Austria and
represent one third of all technological in-
novation originating in this region. The Gra-
zzer Herbstmesse trade fair has been held
at the Graz convention hall since 1906 and
each year welcomes more than 200,000
with Mag.
Nagl, the
mayor of
Why has Gras selected .A.S.A. as
its partner for waste collection and
For many years, .A.S.A. has been an
integral part of the waste management
system in the city of Graz which wishes
to have an optimised waste manage-
ment service from both the ecological
as well as from the economic standpo-
int. As a professional partner, .A.S.A.
contributes signifcantly to fulflling this
How does Graz beneft from its colla-
boration with .A.S.A.?
Particularly hazardous waste is co-
llected and accepted by .A.S.A. for its
subsequent professional handling. This
delicate task can be entrusted only to
a reliable partner. .A.S.A. also handles
biodegradable waste as the subcon-
tractor of SERVUS ABFALL, a Holding
Graz subsidiary.
Is the city satisfed with the services
provided by .A.S.A.?
.A.S.A. utiliza el sistema local de
remol.A.S.A. uses the local towage sys-
tem for transferring waste collected in
Graz at Auer-Welsbach-Gasse to the
Zisterdorf incineration plant. The city
also benefts from its collaboration with
.A.S.A. in this respect.
In short, .A.S.A. is a truly exemplary
company in the business sector of the
city of Graz.