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Aldeaquemada area: “we had to stop the
project, the movement of earth, and wait
until the eagle laid its egg. The eagle did
this, we saved the egg, and then continued
with our work”. Another story involves the
Cuchareros Viaduct. Ignacio told us that
“a vulture came while we were working on
assembling the steel framework. The vul-
ture few down to the area where the piles
were located and landed at the foundations
while concrete was being poured, we had
to very careful so that we would not harm
the vulture which surprised us with its very
large size”.
All of them have great memories of this
project, of the people they met, and of their
new friends.
Happy, although sad at the same time be-
cause the project has been completed,
they are convinced of the importance of this
work, of being together, and of their achie-
vement, as Pedro Vega mentioned while
accompanied by his colleagues.
people represent
a diferential value and
the future of a major
Group such as FCC
depends on them.