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Publication of the
New Code
for the
Use of
Technological Resources
On 4 April, the Executive Commitee approved on the
new Code for the Use of Technological Resources which
will replace in its entirety the current Information
Security Standards for those who are users for the FCC
Group systems.
The objective of this new Code is to ensure
that users of technological resources use
these properly, responsibly, for licit purpo-
ses, and act complying with the Information
Security Policy.
The standards contained in the Code for
the Security of Technological Resources
must be observed, mandatorily, by all FCC
Group employees.
In order to ensure dissemination of the-
se new regulations and that are fully
comprehensible, the Information Securi-
ty Department, in collaboration with the
Communication, Human Resources and
Administration, and Information Technolo-
gies departments will be launching a cam-
paign to inform all employees.
Any query or information in connection with
the security of IT equipment could be sent
to the following e-mail:
The Code for the Use of Technological Re-
sources is available at Intranet:
Fccnet/Normativas/Normativas General
(See ).
Código de Uso de Medios Tecnológicos
(See in pdf format ).
Código de Uso de Medios Tecnológicos
(See in Flash format ).
See Note.
Watch video .