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On 28 July Rota Naval Base inaugurated
its new Quay Number 4, built by FCC.
The event was presided by Defense Minis-
ter Carme Chacón, in the presence of the
commander-in-chief of Rota Naval Base,
Rear Admiral Juan Ruiz Casas, the chief
of the Defense Staff, José Julio Rodríguez,
Director-General Mónica Melle of Defense
Infrastructure, Avelino Acero representing
A new quay
for Rota Naval Base
FCC Construcción, and other senior civil
and military dignitaries.
The caisson-type quay is a total of 398 me-
ters long and 51 meters wide. Its construc-
tion required 1,100,000 m
of dredging at
the harbor’s maneuvering area. Land-side
traffc reaches the quay over a 76.8-metre-
long embankment protected by rock armor.
The caissons for the new wharf were built
by FCC’s foating drydock Mar del Teide.
The drydock manufactured a total of 25
caissons 33.95 meters long by 12.7 meters
across by 14.5 meters deep.
The project included a marina for small ves-
sels featuring a 140-metre-long wharf on
sheet piles, a berthing line with eight modu-
les of foating jetties and a 400-m
building. The new wharf is supplemented
by a 45-metre-wide Ro-Ro ramp consisting
of a metal structure set atop metal-shea-
thed concrete pilings.
At the inauguration ceremony, General Ma-
nager Avelino Acero of FCC Construcción
delivered a few heartfelt words of thanks
to the Ministry of Defense for displaying its
trust in the company by awarding such an
important project to FCC.
As the fnal fourish to the ceremony, the
Spanish Navy took offcial delivery of the
maritime action ship “Meteoro”.